More versatile than other types of conveyors, the steel hinged belt conveyor can be used to handle any type of metal scrap from thin to thick steel parts, slugs

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    Heavy-Duty Scrap Conveyors. Goessling Heavy-duty Scrap Conveyors are used for transporting everything from large stampings from underneath automotive stamping presses to heavy cast iron parts, hot forgings, and even shredder scrap (just to name a few).

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    The Wardcraft Model “SV” is for heavy-duty applications that require a low profile conveyor. The original Slug-Vayor® first pioneered and developed by Wardcraft Conveyor was designed for the metal stamping environment to carry away slugs, parts and scrap created by die-presses, permitting continuous production and reducing down-time.

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    Conveyors – Hinged Belt & Beltless, Heavy-Duty, Low Profile, Scrap/Chip-Handling, Horizontal, Auger Dependable, Rugged Industrial Conveying for Over 100 Years

    Steel Belt Conveyors | PRAB

    PRAB Steel Belt Conveyors are available in 2.5″ to 9″ pitch and are designed to convey a wide range of metal scrap ranging in weight and bulk density. It’s capable of combining horizontal and elevating movements. Heavy-duty side frames, track and wear bars keep the belt on track shift after shift.

    Drag Conveyors | PRAB

    The heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant flight bars of our drag conveyors feature an exclusive bolt-free connection, so they stay strong under grueling conditions. Value PRAB conveyors reduce downtime by automating the scrap transfer process- maximizing machine operator production time.


    Heavy duty conveyors are not only limited to belt conveyors. Gravity roller, chain driven, steel hinged, mesh belts and other similar units can also be designed to handle heavy loads such as pallets, steel bundles, tubes/extrusions or multi-unit production run.

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    For over 30 years, Titan Conveyors TM has provided a complete line of heavy duty conveyors to move material in stamping operations. Whether you are handling work in process, finished parts, or scrap; there is a Titan conveyor to handle any piece from the size of a dime to the size of a car.

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    For today’s machine tool environment and heavy-duty applications, Titan offers hinged steel belt conveyors with several options for specific requirements.

    Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor, Chip Handling, Recycling

    Ideal for any type of metal scrap, from tiny chips, turnings, bushy material, wet or dry in large or small volumes. 4″ and 6″ pitch hinged steel belt conveyors are ideal for larger scrap, foundry, and any applications with heavy loads.

    Scrap Conveyors

    The heavy-duty hinged steel belt conveyors feature open style construction for easy maintenance. The conveyors are designed for interchangeability with leading chain manufacturers. The conveyors are designed for interchangeability with leading chain manufacturers.

    Heavy Duty Conveyor – Aydaş Makina

    For transportation of scrap metal, Aydas offers hinged belt conveyors that are specially designed for this purpose. Conveyors are characterized by a robust design, easy maintenance and a long service life.

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    Superbelt HD conveyor is highly recommended in all steel plants that use handling systems for heavy scrap for furnace charging. Discover more.

    Heavy Duty Line Vac™ - Eputec Drucklufttechnik

    EXAIR’s new Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac air operated conveyors convert ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system for parts, scrap, trim and other bulk materials.

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    Our heavy duty conveyors have been applied to conveying chemicals, recycling, and scrap metal, achieving high rates of throughputs, reliably and efficiently. Key Advantages of Heavy Duty Conveyors Custom Extras - Flights, sidewalls, scrapers, covers and feeding hoppers can all be included.

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    3 4 CONVEYORS FEATURES OVERLOAD/JAM PROTECTION VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE 1.1m/min - 3.3m/min PAINT COLORS blue, white, grey, black (standard) custom colors as required

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    SteelTrak™ Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors New London Engineering’s SteelTrak™ Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors are used to convey virtually any type of metal scrap. These rugged, heavy-duty conveyors are designed for long-term, low-maintenance operations in industrial, scrap, steel …

    Heavy Duty Steel Belt Conveyors – CRIGLER

    A leader in the recycling industry for over 50 years, Hustler Conveyor Company designs, manufactures and provides economical solutions for recycling and scrap processing needs. Heavy duty steel belt conveyors, entire turnkey sort systems, replacement belts.

    Heavy Duty Steel Belt Conveyors – CRIGLER

    A leader in the recycling industry for over 50 years, Hustler Conveyor Company designs, manufactures and provides economical solutions for recycling and scrap processing needs. Heavy duty steel belt conveyors, entire turnkey sort systems, replacement belts.

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    DuPont and KBR were seeking an experienced screw conveyor manufacturer to design and build multiple heavy-duty screw conveyors that were cost effective, high quality and engineered for the application.

    Low Profile Conveyor Manufacturer | Bunting Magnetics

    Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Conveyors (HLPC) Able to handle part and scrap removal in high-speed, heavy-load, and other demanding applications. The HLPC was designed to handle the toughest under-press jobs day after day with minimum maintenance.

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    Belt conveyors and roller conveyor are, perhaps, the most widely used types of conveyors. Southern Systems can manufacture and/or integrate entire systems of belt and roller conveyor for all types of industry. These systems are common solutions for package sortation, scrap handling, appliance assembly, automotive painting, warehousing, and heavy-duty steel mill applications. While various ...

    6" Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors by Endura-Veyor, Inc.

    Endura-Veyor, Inc.'s heavy duty hinged steel belt conveyors are manufactured to the highest standard in the industry. Our equipment is currently being used in numerous recycling and manufacturing operations around the world. EVI's equipment, and expertise, will excel in applications such as document destruction, e-scrap processing, scrap metal recycling, metal manufacturing, used beverage ...

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    Steel Belt Conveyors - PRAB, Inc. PRAB's Steel Belt Conveyors handle any type of metal scrap from bushy material to chips and turnings, wet or dry, in any volume, and in a wide variety of conveyor paths.


    Heavy duty structural steel construction throughout. SCRAP PROCESSING CONVEYORS Drive and take-up sprockets ride on shouldered shafts for assured belt tracking.


    Ely Enterprises offers custom engineered conveying systems to handle a variety of bulky materials and scrap handling applications. These range from light duty slider beds to heavy-duty steel belt conveyors for applications including baler feed, and material handling.

    Recycling - SKAKO

    heavy duty conveyors for scrap & waste material transportation Designed for use in some of the most arduous environments in the recycling industry. Ranging from ash collection in Waste to Energy recovery plants to transporting unprocessed scrap metals.

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    feeding raw materials that require extra heavy-duty construction; and, simply conveying materials from point A to point B. Our extensive inventory of new, used, and reconditioned machinery is available for sale, rent, or leas e.



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